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2017/05/26 -
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As part of our regular life in CFC, the members come together once a month for a chapter prayer assembly. This activity is in lieu of household meetings. Attendance at these prayer assem¬blies is required for all members.

Individual involvement

Every member should participate wholeheartedly and actively in the prayer assembly. More specifically, all should:

1. Prepare themselves spiritually prior to the start of the assembly.

2. Bring their Bible, songbooks and paper for notes.

3. Come early and take time to fellowship.

4. Come to order quickly at the end of the gathering song, and follow the directions of the prayer assembly leader.

5. Participate actively in praise and worship.

* Singing with gusto.
* Raising hands, clapping, dancing.
* Loud vocal prayers of praise.
* Singing in tongues.

6. Be sensitive to the Spirit. If led to speak a word from the Lord or to give a personal testimony, they should boldly present themselves to the leader.

7. Enter into the prayers being made by the leader or other persons and make these prayers their own.

8. Actively listen to the personal sharings and the exhorta¬tions.

Other important considerations

1. The prayer assembly may be held on any day of the month, to be decided by the Chapter Head.

2. The chapter cluster may have a joint prayer meeting on occasion, as decided by the Cluster Head.

3. It is not necessary to have a Mass prior to the prayer assembly, especially if this will result in the prayer assembly ending very late. If the members become tired and hungry, it may not be too conducive to having a vibrant prayer assembly.

4. This is not normally the time for a teaching, although a mini teaching may be an element during the prayer assembly. If the Chapter Head wants to have a regular teaching, he should schedule a teaching night on another occasion.

5. Punctuality.

* The prayer assembly should start promptly at the appointed time. If at all, the only permissible delay would be for not more than 10 minutes or so.

* Obviously, the physical arrangements and the service and music teams should be in place much earlier than the starting time.

6. Members are not allowed to smoke or eat during the entire length of the assembly.

7. Members are not allowed to sell items or solicit business for their personal accounts, unless specifically authorized by the Chapter Head.

8. Members should not leave until the prayer assembly is over, i.e., after the closing song. If anyone has to leave earlier, he/she must seek permission from the Chapter Head or Unit Head beforehand and sit at the rear in order to be able to leave quietly.

9. The men should help in putting away the chairs and in the clean up of the place, if this is requested by the leader or by the service team.

10. Guests may be invited to the prayer assembly.

Pastoral comments

1. It is important for us in CFC to have a similar or uniform way of conducting our monthly chapter prayer assembly.

* It is a tangible evidence of our unity and our being a part of the one CFC which is a worldwide family.

* It is a reflection of our unique culture in CFC.

* It enables any CFC member to attend a CFC prayer assembly anywhere in the world and just easily enter into the proceedings.

* It makes CFC distinguishable anywhere. If Chapter Heads simply conducted the prayer assembly in any way or manner they deemed desirable, we would very quickly witness so many variations and possibly cause confusion and division within the larger CFC.

* The "structure" of the prayer assembly is intended not to restrict the Spirit, but in fact to have good order, which should enhance the workings of the Spirit.

2. Even given the above, however, it certainly is possible that the prayer assembly leader would be led to deviate from the "structure" at a particular prayer assembly or portion of a prayer assembly. We do have this flexibility to adjust to a genuine leading of the Spirit.

3. All CFC members ought to see the chapter prayer assembly as a gift to us from the Lord, intended to build up the body.

* We do not focus merely on the abilities of the leader or how interesting the sharings are. We are not there to be entertained.

* We focus rather on the message of the Lord to us person¬ally and to all of us corporately.

* We need to realize that it is the Lord himself who is present and is ministering to each and every one, and that the Lord gives himself fully to the person who would accept him without preconditions.

* * *
"Be filled with the Spirit, addressing one another in psalms and hymns and inspired songs. Sings praise to the Lord with all your hearts. Give thanks to God the Father always and for every¬thing in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ"
(Eph 5: 18 20)